Campaign Signs

Put in Garbage/Landfill Blue Line Transfer

Campaign signs are commonly made from plastic and belong in the garbage. If made entirely from paper or cardboard, the can be recycled as such. Signs made from aluminum and all metal sign legs can be recycled at Blue Line Transfer. 

Break Down the Sign for Disposal

Break down the sign by detaching the metal wire stand from the sign itself.


Metal Stands Are Scrap Metal

The metal stand is made of steel wire and can be disposed of alongside scrap metal. Learn how to dispose of scrap metal.


Paper Signs Are Posters

Paper signs can be disposed of as posters. Find out what to do with posters.

Ways to Reuse

Repurpose Your Sign

Consider saving your campaign sign for future use. You could attach a new message to the board and use it to promote a special event, or a local school or nonprofit organization may be able to use the sign, too.

Save the Stand for Next Year

If you don’t want to save your entire campaign sign, you can save the wire stands to use with future signs.