Candy Wrappers

Put in Garbage/Landfill

Most wrappers are plastic and belong in the garbage.

Wrappers that are aluminum (and hold their shape if crinkled) may be recycled with containers.

Some popular candies are sold in compostable boxes or wrap that can be placed in your organics cart or bin. Necco waffers, for example, are sold in a compostable wax paper wrapper. Nerds, Dots, Whoppers, and Junior Mints are sometimes sold in compostable paper board.

Not Just One Material

A lot of times, candy wrappers are made with different materials, such as a mix of plastic and aluminum or paper and aluminum. Recycling plants are not able to separate these mixed materials to use them again, so they need to go in the garbage.


100% Aluminum Wrappers OK

If the wrapper is 100% aluminum foil, it’s OK to recycle. Both the inside and outside will look metallic and feel like metal foil, not plastic or paper. These are most commonly found on single chocolates or bars of chocolate (not candy bars). If any part of the wrapper looks or feels like paper or plastic, toss it in the garbage. If you aren’t sure, toss it in the garbage.


Did You Know?

The Truth About Candy Wrappers

Candy wrappers are made from a mix of materials, which makes it hard and expensive for facilities to turn them into useful materials, especially because they are not generated in high volumes like plastic bottles or aluminum cans. When possible, try to buy candy packaged in recyclable materials, or better yet, from the bulk bin.