Alternative ways to recycle
On-Call/Bulky Item Collection Special Instructions Blue Line Transfer

Small throw rugs like for the bathroom or kitchen are okay to put in the garbage. Larger area rugs, wall-to-wall carpet, carpet squares, and carpet padding can be taken to Blue Line Transfer for recycling or disposal. Fees apply. To have it recycled, make sure it’s clean and follow the guidelines here.

Residents of single-family homes can have small rolls of carpet collected through the On-Call Cleanup Program.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Ask the Carpet Installer

Some carpet retailers have recycling programs already in place. Ask the carpet installer if they participate in recycling programs for old carpet.

Ways to Reduce

Purchase an Eco-Friendly Carpet

Consider purchasing an eco-friendly carpet to reduce your environmental impact. The most eco-friendly carpets are made from natural, renewable fibers, such as wool, seagrass, jute and organic cotton.

Did You Know?

Carpet’s Surprising Impact on the Environment

Carpet has the fourth largest greenhouse gas footprint of any product waste in California and currently, less than 50 percent of it is recycled in the southern part of the state.