Gift Bags

Special Instructions

Gift bags made from paper are recyclable and belong under the light colored lid of a split recycling cart or inside a larger cart or bin labeled “Paper Only.” Be sure to remove any metal, plastic, or fabric handles or decorations.

Bags with glitter or made from plastic belong in the garbage.

Ways to Reduce

Opt for Durable Wrapping Material

Invest in reusable cloth gift bags (you can make your own or find some on Etsy), or try using festive fabric scraps to wrap gifts.

Ways to Reuse

Pile of Gift Bags

Regift the Bag

As long as the gift bag is in good condition, reuse it when giving someone a gift.

Repurpose Gift Bags

Gift bags make handy storage containers for items around the house, for car errands, or for lending and returning items to friends and family.

Did You Know?

Gift Wrapping Waste

How much gift wrapping waste do Americans generate on a yearly basis? About two pounds per person, or 40 million pounds in total, which includes paper products used to wrap, package and decorate gifts. A whopping 38 million miles of ribbon is discarded per year, which is enough to wrap around the Earth.