Put in Garbage/Landfill

We recommend that a durable, reusable/washable alternative be selected.

Sponges that are 100% plant-based (usually cellulose) might be compostable, however this is often too difficult to determine as some sponges are made with polyester and toxic chemicals like tricosan. In this case, it goes in the garbage.

If you are sure a sponge is entirely plant-based and hasn’t been treated or used with chemicals, it could be composted in a backyard bin/pile if cut-up first.


Do Not Recycle

Generic sponges are made of plastic and are not recyclable.

Ways to Reduce

Use Natural Cloth Sponges Instead

Use reusable sponges made of natural fibers — such as cotton, linen, burlap and jute — that can be tossed in the wash with your laundry. Avoid sponges made from “plant fibers,” as this often means bioplastic.