Takeout Containers (Foam)

Alternative ways to recycle
Put in Garbage/Landfill

Takeout containers made from #6 EPS, or “Styrofoam,” belong in the garbage. They cannot be recycled through available programs and should be avoided. 

Alternative Ways to Recycle

home for foam

Recycle With Home for Foam

Visit Home for Foam to see if there is a foam recycler in your area. These recyclers will accept many foam products, including beverage and food containers. Learn more about Home for Foam’s recycling program.

Ways to Reduce


Bring Your Own To-Go Container

When dining out, bring a reusable to-go container so that you can bring leftovers home sustainably.

Did You Know?

The Preferred Takeout Container

Out of all the types of takeout containers — aluminum, cardboard, wax-lined paperboard, plastic and foam — aluminum is the easiest for recycling plants to recycle, while foam is the most difficult.