Yogurt Cups

Alternative ways to recycle
Put in Container Recycling

Empty yogurt cups and tubs belong under the blue lid of a split recycling cart or in a larger cart or bin labeled “Containers only.” Please scrape or rinse first. Plastic lids can be left on. Foil lids should be rinsed and recycled too. If possible, ball-up several lids or place them inside an empty aluminum can. This will make them easier to recover for recycling.

Food Contaminant Yogurt Cup

Clean Your Cup

It’s best practice to get your yogurt container as clean and dry as possible before recycling it. Yogurt cups are a common contaminant and often end up in the landfill when not clean.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Gimme 5 Program

Give your plastic #5 yogurt tubs to Gimme 5, a program dedicated to offering plastic #5 recycling to areas that do not accept it. You can print out a label and send in your containers (at your own cost), or find a drop-off location close by.