Residents of single-family homes can schedule two free cleanups per calendar year. Businesses and residents of multifamily residential complexes can also schedule but fees apply. The fee varies depending on number and type of items collected.

The free residential cleanup allows for the following:

12 Bags of Garbage OR 6 Bags of Garbage and 1 Large Item (sofa, mattress, appliance, etc) OR 2 Large Items (sofa, mattress, appliance, etc.)

Note: Free cleanups are scheduled on your regularly scheduled garbage collection day. Fees may apply to electronic waste or items requiring special handling. Additional cleanups can be scheduled for a fee.

Ready to schedule? Contact Us: (650) 589-4020


  • Call at least 24hrs (and 1 business day) in advance of your regularly scheduled collection day.
  • Be ready to tell us how many bags, boxes, and/or items you will be putting out.
  • Do not put out loose garbage; it will not be collected.
  • Put any branches, wood pieces, or carpet rolls out in sections no longer than 4 feet; bundle together.



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